Bathroom Etiquette Experiences Might Be an Asian Guy Thing

I realize that not everyone might have had this experience before, especially women. I’m trying to think back to where someone was breathing down my neck when I used the restroom and broke bathroom etiquette. I think this only ever happened when I would use the only restroom in an Asian mall. That’s one bathroom with one stall, one urinal, and one sink for six restaurants, a supermarket, and five stores. Bathroom traffic is not a term that should exist, but if it does become something used, well… I’ll need to copyright that.

Either way, having someone too close in the bathroom is an experience that you probably don’t want to have. Public bathrooms are already awkward and uncomfortable. There’s already bathroom etiquette that we should all follow such as washing our hands. Then there’s the unspoken rules. Wayward glances from people can instantly cause pure anxiety, and if there’s a line? Forget it. I don’t envy women for dealing with that on a consistent basis.

These are all natural things that everyone does, but it’s not like anyone enjoys showing them off… unless you’re old. That’s mostly because they stopped functioning properly already, and you’ve just given up on caring.