First Post to Wordsmith

So I’ve had this idea sitting at the top of the page, and if you had clicked it prior to now, it would have had nothing on it. Bad design, bad UX, and I should be ashamed. Oh well.

I was originally thinking of calling it Pun-ish instead of Wordsmith, but I didn’t think I was actually punishing any users though I’m sure some will disagree.

This concept came up from waking up in a daze. For some reason the word mediocre was stuck in my head, which in retrospective, sounds like a terrible thing. But in that half-dream, half-reality state, my mind broke the word apart into Medi and Ocre. Medi didn’t mean medium to me at all. It meant medical, and that’s probably because I play too many videogames. Ocre didn’t mean anything, but it sounded enough like ogre to me.

And that concept just sounded too good. A Medical Ogre destined for mediocrity. He originally had blood on both his gloves, but that seemed less interesting. I like that the hand that throws the heart has no blood on it.

I guess I’m okay with wordsmith as I love Medieval (medi…eval? I won’t use this. I promise) history and Fantasy lore. A smith of words, clanking away on his anvil of structure while smashing with his hammer of meaning. Cool.