How an Asian Celebrates Thanksgiving

I’m back! It’s been a long time since I last posted, but I’ve been busy with quite a few things like getting married and attending my best friend’s wedding. And don’t worry, I’ll eventually put up a post about my wedding and why I avoided an Asian Wedding…

Anyways, today is Thanksgiving, and I’m absolutely excited because I’m hosting this year, which means that there won’t be some Asian dish accompanying my Thanksgiving dinner: sushi, sticky rice, giant pork shoulder also known as Ti Pang (haha, I’m imagining T-Pain), etc.

Asian Glow will be the most Asian thing at this year’s Thanksgiving.

It also means that I’m up in Spokane, and the only family member is my wife. I am thankful for having my wonderful family, my wife’s beautiful family, and all my friends in and out of California (so all you WA people count too).

Asians are generally pretty thankful people. It all goes back to the idea of Ke Qi, so in honor of Thanksgiving, I decided that I will make a list of the things that I’m not thankful for.

#4 – No Turkey on Thanksgiving
I don’t know about you guys, but I once celebrated Thanksgiving without turkey. There was no turkey to support a couple vegetarians, but still, there was a giant pork shoulder.

The irony eludes me. | From Kent Want on EGForums

#3 – Little Amounts of Asian Food in Spokane
My wife and I have eaten at 4 Asian restaurants up in Spokane since we moved up here. The Pho (pronounced like the f-word minus the “ck”) one was pretty good, the Korean one was awesome, the Chinese one was alright, and was exactly how it’s name sounded.

This may have been the last time I was happy.

#2 – My Previous Management Company
I’m responsible. I pay my bills on time. I earn money to keep me (and now my wife) alive. But if it takes you two weeks to fix the hot water when the State of WA requires you to fix it within 24 hours of being reported… that’s just bad. What grinds me most is that it was disrespectful and inefficient? Not having hot water for 2 weeks sucked too. IT’S COLD UP HERE.

Yet, I can still keep some Asian hairstyle under a cap. Sensible yet fashionable.