Incendiary Devices

When thinking of punishments, I try to forego too much violence and go for the ironic punishment. In this case, I feel that having an incendiary device helps ensure that the lesson is learned.

Speaking of incendiary devices, the Quinnspiracy (such a great but pointless term) seems to just be volatile all around. Regardless of what’s true or not, bad calls on everyone’s part: petty dirtbag ex-boyfriend / hypocritical female feminist / white knights / men’s rights / bad business practices / bad journalistic integrity too / the petty side of Anonymous. Other than the horrible threats, the thing that bothers me the most is the weird mixture of private and public. I do believe that “public figures” regardless of industry shouldn’t be so shocked when the “negative sides” or “negative rumors” come to life. It’s not all sunshine and gravy (’cause gravy is delicious and rainbows are only pretty). However, targeting the family of these “public figures” is pretty messed up.

Additionally, the whole censorship thing is just odd. Comments that are actually discussing the problems shouldn’t be censored; however, if it’s a comment full of slanderous libel, it should be. It’s a grey area, and although there’s freedom of speech, I don’t think that means people have to listen to it (especially when it happens to be on a place like Reddit). Saying something that’s not constructive and then saying that you have the right to say it cheapens the entire concept of Freedom of Speech. It’s there to make sure that the important things are heard, and unfortunately, this part of game journalism doesn’t really seem to fit. If Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest was linked to ISIS, then yes, calling her a terrorist will have been fruitful.

The hacks by Anonymous (if it even is Anonymous) are similarly petty and cheapens the good the group has done. Anonymous has done so many amazing things like helping to bring in a child porn ring. DDOSing and hacking people’s accounts for something of this scale really gives it all a bad name. It’s always the overly loud ones that ruin a good thing for everyone else.

Had a housewarming party. It was great. Lots of food, friends, and family. No order of importance assigned. Sent home food with my guests, and my friend one who looks like Jesus (and is known as Jesus in my phone) gave one of the Costco pizzas to a homeless woman. The situation was awesome. Jesus giving pizza to a woman is always classy. I feel like that last statement is loaded and ready to blow. Actually, the whole thing might be a powderkeg.