Inconsiderate Couples on Sidewalks Annoy Me

The sidewalk is public space. It’s not just for only certain people. It’s not even a first-come-first-serve basis because it’s a sidewalk. We all own an equal right to it, so why not let people walk by?

Sidewalk hoggers in general are extremely frustrating to me. Their body language is “are you that important you can’t go around me?” To be fair, that’s what I’m saying too. People should be willing to share and just around each other though regardless of party size. Couples who are unwilling to sidle so that they’re in a single file line are absolutely inconsiderate. They don’t even have to let go of each other’s hands?

What their body language and response shows this:
a) if they don’t even look at you, you’re not worthy of response
b) if they verbally tell you that you suck, they’re letting you know that well… you suck. They are that important that they can give an opinion about your effort.

It’s amazing how far inconsiderate couples on sidewalks will go to show the world that their love is so powerful that everyone else has to be pushed to the side by it.

The sidewalk is there to share. It’s there so people don’t have to walk in the street. If they’re forcing you into the street, they’re being jerks. Jerks should be punished.