Internet Stupidity – How a Ke Qi Asian Deals With It

There are so many people online. As George Carlin once said:
We lost a prophet. | From Tierraunica

That’s who populates the internet. The funny thing is that everyone knows they’re not the stupid person, and because of anonymity, they say whatever they feel.

Now, you may say “Jon. You think you’re right!”
And I’ll say “yah, I do! I think. I usually admit my errors, and I’m not hiding behind anonymity right now! So stop interrupting my blog post, and let me continue!”

I’m here to help people handle internet “trolls” and incompetents. As my father put it, “be a gentle Spring breeze, rolling through life” as people try to stomp on you.

My examples all come from DotA 2, which I have been playing quite frequently with my little brother and friends. And most of these remarks are of course in due to my playing the game differently from how these “superiors” play. You could also say that I suck, which is cool with me.

Even when someone else sucks, I try to be gentle and teach because I know how hard it can be. Why yell at someone over a game that we’re playing for fun. I mean, none of the matches I play actually do anything if you win. There’s no money. There’s no hot lover. There’s no glory. What do you get? A little extra point in your win counter.

This counter helps me sleep at night.

The Idiocy:
Now, I recently came up with a good deal of racism toward my Asian descent (on my birthday) during a DotA 2 game. That was kind of awesome ’cause my little brother and I were laughing on Skype while Mr. Ficial railed on me for being terrible in game on text and team chat.

I guess America is prison.

Other great excerpts include “can you not see? Is it ’cause you’re eyes are too small, you @#$%^!”

What led to this? These other players died a lot because they jumped into stupid battles, while I was just killing stuff on the side. Was I not being a team player? Probably. Did they contribute to the other team being impossible to kill (for each death of theirs, the other team gets stronger…)? Yes.
The Solution of A Gentle Breeze:
So after having been yelled at for a good 40 minutes and blamed for incompetence by an incompetent, I looked up his Steam profile and found this little gem:
Uhh… what?


“Yeah man, you were a nice guy.”
“you’ll make a great dad[…]”
I don’t know if someone who gets so angry at DotA that they result to swearing at someone based on racism will make a great dad. That’s like saying a mass murderer would make a great chef because he’s so skilled with a knife. I take that back: mine makes more sense. (And if you’re all saying it was just one bad day that Mr. Ficial had, that’s all it takes to make someone a murderer… one bad day.).
I then decided to look him up through Google because said-genius here put his name and town on his steam profile. Gotta say – ballsy for someone who’s going to engage in e-racism. Whether or not that’s real, doesn’t matter to me, but who I found on google+ made me feel pity.
I don’t know if that’s him, so I won’t upload the photo even though it’s technically public domain (but I don’t want to slander a poor innocent if he is innocent, and if it really is him, I feel so bad already ’cause no matter what stuff I can say about him, the world has already done worse). Just know that my actual life is much better than his. Instead, I decided to post a passive-aggressive blog post to immortalize the only part I really cared about: his idiocy.
Onto the next one!
The Idiocy:
My little brother was playing a game, and this random Australian guy (who turns out to be Chinese) fell in love with how good my little brother is, so the Australian started inviting my brother to every game. I started playing with them, and what I noticed is that they play a meta game within DotA:  the “blame game.”
The previous example guy played the blame game too just on a whole different level.
The blame game has two rules:
1) It’s never your fault.
2) Everyone else is an idiot.
So I decided to call them out on it. I had some hope that I could educate them because this wasn’t too bad.
I don’t think he understood that he just did exactly what I said.
Me: “Can I just point out that you guys defend the living daylights out of one another, but then place as much blame on others as possible?”
Australian: “well | if u put ur ulti more often | maybe it wulda worked out betta”
First of all, internet type baffles me. Second of all, I felt like a puppet master at that point. I didn’t even tell them they were bad, or it was your fault. All I said was that they blame others, and instantly, I got blamed. I wonder if I can go to a bank and tell them that they give handouts, and I’ll get one…

The Solution of A Gentle Breeze:

I’m just telling my little brother not to play with him anymore, so this dude’s impeccable record goes down. 
As a Ke Qi Asian, I let most things slide because I am a gentle breeze, and these things will pass and be forgotten. But some idiocy requires to be immortalized, so the world can avoid it.