Long Weekends

Long Weekends are always fantastic. The amount of extra time to hang out with friends or goof off is just so nice. It also re-energizes me, but what can I say, my schedule is currently all sorts of crazy. My wife happens to be on the 4th of her 5 back to back long weekends. She has a 9/80 schedule, which means she works 9 days every two weeks for a total of 80 hours and gets the 2nd Friday off. It’s pretty nuts, and next week, she only has to work 3 days because of that and Labor Day. Unfortunately, that also means that the week afterwards is going to feel incredibly long.

Now that I’m back in CA and with Labor Day just around the corner, I was thinking about what people usually do on long weekends. They go to the beach – the singular amorphous giant beach. To be honest, there isn’t just one beach. In Orange County, there’s Newport, CDM, Laguna, Dana Point, Monarch Beach, Huntington, and… that’s all I really know. CA beaches are fun, but they are overcrowded. Hand in hand with overcrowding is litter. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult for people to put trash in a trash can. Do these people live in filth at their own home? If not, why do they treat our beautiful outdoors like a gigantic landfill.

This isn’t just a CA beach problem. Up in WA while hiking with some friends, we found a bunch of booze and cardboard boxes left by campers. To be fair, there were no trash cans around, but it’s not like you can’t just take the trash back with you and toss it into the dumpster when you get home. If you’re going to leave crap everywhere, I don’t think you should be allowed to outdoors. Or rather, you can just see what I think really should happen.

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful long weekend. Unless you’re a litterer. Then, I hope you get your bitter lesson.