Lost in Translation

Sometimes, I just don’t understand people. We currently have all these ALS Ice Bucket videos in the middle of climate change and huge drought across the USA, which seems to be counter-intuitive. We have my parents HOA telling them “we know it’s a drought but water the brown grass on your backyard or we’ll fine you.” We have this writer for the Washington Post adding a gender-equality perspective to a book that punishes arrogant jerks of all genders/sexes. And we have the James Foley incident, which is just absolutely unacceptable.

Most of these seem to be some kind of thought lost in translation.

The other day, I was watching a video of the Earth from the ISS. I met astronaut Mike Fossum who talked about his experience in space and how humbling it is to see just how small we are in the vast cosmos. Since I was a kid, I’ve always believed there to be so much more out there than us. As an adult, I start to wonder why can’t we all get along. I guess if we all did get along, there wouldn’t be a reason for me to make this site.

A lot of terrible things spawn from smaller problems. I’m extrapolating the broken-window theory to everyday life, and I believe it works. If people weren’t so righteous about their beliefs or thoughts, there’d probably be a lot less violence spawned from intolerance in the world. So let’s all do each other a favor – next time you see someone spout some intolerant perspective in a non-joking manner, just follow my instructions.

On lighter news, I’m ready for the weekend and my sweet house warming party. And potentially, dim sum.