Nothing Is Sacred

In looking at the punishment for bad parallel parking, I think some people will be offended by the final vertical. I am a firm believer in that things should be able to be made fun of if they’re done in an actually fun way. There are varying degrees of what is considered acceptable in this world because we all have different opinions. For some, this may go too far.

For this bitter lesson, I considered where waiting in line would be the most obnoxious, and I wanted to escalate with each vertical. Lines where places were obvious weren’t too fun, although the line at a woman’s bathroom is always unfair (especially when there’s a dude in the line). With the final panel escalating to the point of no return (…), I thought I might as well dash through it and go for broke.

Nothing is Sacred When It’s Fun And Games

As an Asian-American, I’ve only once been the target of any racial derogatory remark. When it’s actually meant, that’s when there are problems. When it’s fun and games, I understand and find it hilarious. Maybe growing up in a multicultural environment helped.

When people get offended for me, I find that both hilarious and mildly insulting. It’s funny because I’m not the one offended, and this other human being is so righteously flustered. It’s insulting because I can defend myself and don’t need a protector who can speak for me.

When considering where the line is drawn, I think Cards Against Humanity is a great litmus test to see if people share the same system as you. People who remove cards from Cards Against Humanity are odd to me. Cherry-picking what offensive things are considered hilarious is strange to me because how can you pick what’s funny or not. People who play it seriously and believe it to be reflective of someone’s true beliefs have an agenda. People who actually use it to reflect their beliefs would just be horrible.

The Weirdest Conversation

I once had a conversation where I disagreed with the remark: “I believe it’s easier for a man to get a reaction from a woman” and was labeled sexist. Maybe it’s because I said “Are you talking about a sexual or relationship reaction? In either case, I disagree with you.” I’m not sure how that turned into “rape is never funny” considering I didn’t speak up again for 10 minutes. And I’m not sure how it turned into abortion jokes and wasting food, but it somehow got there.