On Time

Well, the first official delay in posting. My goal is to update Tuesdays and Thursdays, but sometimes, life just doesn’t go that way. This past long weekend was spent mostly away from my computer, which is both a good and bad thing. The only time I sat with my computer was to do actual work for a couple hours. Because I was away, I wasn’t able to create anything on time, so here we are with this update for Wednesday.

I love and hate puns. The most recent wordsmith is another one. I love puns that do something I haven’t seen before. I also love puns when people chain a series together because that always impresses me. I hate puns when someone nudges me afterwards and says “get it?”

On Time

I’ve always loved its metaphors and connotations. Time is such a wondrous concept. Growing up is something that everyone has to go through, and although pieces of it are sad, it’s overall a pretty wonderful feeling to change in some ways and also never at all.

My wife reminds me about the larger scale of time because I’m so very rooted in the human experience. When driving to Fresno and Carmel this past weekend, she looked out toward the hills and mountains and said “Isn’t it amazing that dinosaurs once walked here?”

That was awesome. A bit weird and random, but awesome.