Taking It to the Next Level

The idea of balance is prevalent in Chinese culture and some other Asian cultures because it’s based off of  Buddhist/Taoist/Some-ist teachings. It’s about balance between complementary forces: yin and yang (light and dark), male and female, meat and vegetables.
The appalled look of two Chinese men who did not have meat in their vegetable soup.
And then some cultures are just like “screw it. Balance is for chumps.”
All Asian cultures believe in obsessive schooling (and there’s really no balance to that), but others take everything to the next level.
Not to point any fingers, but almost all the Asian restaurants in Irvine are now owned by one of the nationalities. The food quality remains the same (and in some cases gets better), so I’m not really complaining. They’re very business minded people, and they make things happen. Okay, it’s the Koreans.
Their ability to take things to the next level derives from their cultural openness to new ideas. Korea adopted Confucianism pretty easily and was the first of the big three Asian countries to adopt Christianity. Christianity was introduced in China in the 7th century but didn’t make any headway until the 19th century. Christianity in Japan didn’t do well until the 18th Century. Korea got it in the 17th Century and was like “hey guys, come on in.”
And thanks to that, we now have Korean Campus Crusade for Christ on college campuses.
And you’d join just to date them. | From Korea Times
I never understood why there’s a necessity to have a Korean offshoot of Campus Crusade for Christ. The CCC already scares me because they’re a little too happy, and I’m not sure if they understand what the word “crusade” means. Anyways, an entire branch dedicated to just a race is a bit extreme to me. To be fair, not all Koreans are Christian, and not all Korean Christians are as segmented. To be further fair, Chinese students have a Chinese Christian Association. And I loved every minute of being propositioned to join them at UCI just so I could turn them down.

Outside of religion and business, Korea is the leading developer in technology. It used to be Japan, but Korea overtook them. It’s pretty much thanks to Samsung (washers, phones, tvs, but where’s my rice cooker?).

Korea is also the only nation that I know of that has television channels dedicated to Starcraft. They also have the best players in the world. They took American-made games, played the ever-living-daylights out of it, and made their living off of Starcraft, Warcraft III, Starcraft II, and even Counter-Strike (but that’s not nearly as prestigious as Starcraft). They spend their lives training for these events.

Yes, mom. I’m practicing my skills right now. Could I please take a break now?

Now, half of you will be like “that’s not how anyone plays Starcraft,” and I’ll reply with, “ah yes, but you see, I don’t have pictures of myself playing it, so you need to be less anal.”

The other half will just think I’m a dork (especially with all those dorky posters and pictures on the wall except maybe those models) Ah, it was good being young.

Once again to be fair, it’s not just Korea who has this extremist take on gaming. China has it, Japan has it, Taiwan has it, and even all of Europe. And people die in internet cafes all over the world because they forget to eat, sleep, and use the restroom.

America even has G4 because of the increase in popularity of competitive videogaming. And it’s all thanks to the Koreans.

Thank you for having a better pastime than Texas Hold ‘Em.

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