The Asian Technology Race

When anyone in the world thinks of technology, the first thing that comes to mind is “cool.” The second thing that comes to mind is “Asian.” That’s because Asians are kings and queens of technology or at the very least, the best next-generation, commercial technology.
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It wasn’t always this way. In the Victorian era, Europe and the Americas were competing for the greatest technology with their grand old industrial revolution. During this time, photography was starting to get much under way (though the earliest mention of the camera obscura is by ancient Chinese philosopher Mo-Zi around 400 BCE, so really, photography has always been in our blood).
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There were all these great fanciful machines being created in the Victorian Era such as the zoopraxiscope which led to the cinematographe and eventually Edison’s vitascope, which is the ancestor to all our wonderful projectors.
With production and costs getting too high within their own country because of things such as humanitarianism and clean, breathable air, the British fell under their own imperialistic tendencies. With most of the known world conquered, they began to tell themselves what to do and what was right. So with the Industrial Revolution came a Civil Revolution that created better schooling, better air, better pay, and better living conditions overall. 
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But business has not changed over the past two centuries, and businessmen will always find ways to cut costs because hey, money. So these businessmen build factories in countries that don’t have the same laws they have at home, but what they didn’t realize when they sent everything over to China, was that machines is really “ma chinese” minus the “e.” You can read that as “mom Chinese” or “horse chinese” or “numb Chinese” or “yelling Chinese.” But you know what, the English word pretty much dictates the Asian descent of robotry.
Now, Chinese people aren’t the best at making technology, but they are really good at taking stuff apart and emulating it. 
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But by introducing technology to the Orient and allowing China to pretty much take it apart, it spread through the rest of the continent. Japan then began to follow it closely as well as Korea. Because of the hard parenting and focus on education in these Asian countries, it’s no wonder that they began to overtake the Western Hemisphere. 
CDs aka those wonderful things you used to use to steal music from prior to the advent of the internet is a successor to the LaserDisc, which was developed by Americans. CDs were independently developed by both Philips (the Dutch) and Sony (the Japanese).
The same goes for videogames. Magnavox is an American console, but nowadays, the leading technology in videogame development is between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. You may say that Nintendo isn’t that good because the Wii is a casual console, but really, that motion technology rocked the industry. And historically, their consoles have always done well. Not to mention, the Nintendo Wii has sold over 800 million units; whereas, the PS3 and Xbox 360 are lucky if they sold 150 million each.
If we took the highest price PS3 and the highest price Xbox 360 and the lowest Wii price, the Wii still wins.
Wii: $130 x 800,000,000 = $104,000,000,000
PS3: $600 x 150,000,000 = $90,000,000,000
Xbox 360: $400 x 150,000,000 = $60,000,000,000
Shigeru Miyamoto appreciates Microsoft and Sony for trying so hard to compete.

Let’s not forget about phones either. Sure, Steve Jobs led the way with the innovative iPhone (not really considering it’s a PDA merged with a phone, which the Ericsson R380 did in 2000 aka 7 years before the iPhone), but most smartphones are being produced by Samsung, HTC, and other Asian brands (like Foxconn). Sure, the operating system was created by Apple, Google, and Microsoft aka American brands, but the technology powering the phone is being improved upon day in and out by Asian companies.

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It used to be Japan who was leading the industry, but that was unfortunately put to a halt by a gigantic Tsunami and earthquake in the past couple years. Now, South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

It’s a little South Korean kid that just beat you in Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm. | From Geekosystem