Rubbernecking Drivers Receive an Unscalable Punishment for Staring at the Wrong Side of the Road

As my first official launch of Bitter Lessons, I decided to start with what inspired this site.

When moving from Spokane, WA (I don’t understand why the Penny-Arcade guys dislike it so much but different times different people) to Pasadena, CA, my wife and I were stuck on the 5 southbound (I-5 for all you non-Californians out there). Lo-and-behold, it’s because there’s an accident on the northbound side, but these glorious Oregon drivers (my assumption because we were in Oregon) felt it was prudent to stop and gawk.

I’ve discussed my concept of Bitter Lessons with friends in the past two months to see what people thought. In general, I received a wide range from support about how they would love to see the illustrations for my petty vengeance to shock and appall especially in regard to these rubbernecking drivers. Many people felt that this punishment was somewhat unfair and not even on the same scale.

I think they’re missing the point.

Rubbernecking drivers especially in the case of those who stare at the wrong side of the road are a danger to us all. They are beings who love schadenfreude; therefore, I felt only appropriate in turning the tables on them. Now the rest of us get to enjoy.