Bitter Lessons is an idea created by Jonathan Lee while moving back from Washington to California. It’s entirely about how people are inconsiderate, and how that leads to bigger jerkness.

Why should you care about Bitter Lessons?

It’s something fun and ridiculous. If you don’t care, that’s okay. No one cares about you either, so it’s all fair. Wait, sorry, that was mean. Don’t click that X in the corner of your screen.

You should care about Bitter Lessons because… you know what, just go ahead and x out.

About Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee is a web designer and generally likes to be happy. Inconsiderate people do not make him happy, but considering punishments for them does. This might be because he’s a Scorpio. Or it might be because he has two hair swirls on his head, which according to his mother, makes him an angry person.

He likes playing videogames, watching movies, playing guitar, and exercising. This sounds a lot like an online dating profile, which he has great experience in writing for himself as well as his friends. This, however, is not an online dating profile because he is happily married.

Feel free to submit ideas to Bitter Lessons, and you can check out his other work here: portfolio.