Bitter Lessons is an idea created while moving back from Washington to California. It’s entirely about how people are inconsiderate, and how that leads to bigger jerkness.

About Jonathan Lee

I generally like to be happy. Inconsiderate people do not make me happy but considering punishments for them does. This might be because I’m a Scorpio. Or it might be because I have two hair swirls on his head, which according to my mother, makes me an angry person.

I’ve worked in tech since graduating college. I have an Undergrad in English and a Master’s in Applied Data Science. I’ve been a team lead, product manager, project manager, developer, and yatta yatta yatta. I currently work for an XR company focused on building a metaverse.

Regarding NFTs + Blockchain

I’m a crypto-hobbyist, and I see the benefit of blockchain. I will not try to sell you on why and whatnot, but I will state that the power of NFTs is the ability to have verification of ownership. It’s all about the smart contracts.

What’s Everyone Else Doing?

What most NFTs are though is just selling you a jpeg that you could’ve downloaded. Or an avatar in a specific metaverse seems kinda questionable to me if that metaverse explodes (which most of them will just kinda exist going forward but not actually amount to anything like a Ready Player One scenario). The Ready Player One single one-metaverse-to-rule-them-all is highly unlikely in my opinion.

The other aspect of engaging the community who owns the NFT by giving them a voice in what you make (democratization of creative ideas for the creators to make money and not give back to all the supporters) might be cool for you guys to feel a part of the community, but I feel like you’re getting screwed over.

What Am I Doing?

So when I sell NFTs, you’re essentially getting commercialization rights to my art and we split profits by 50/50. If you make money, I get half. If I make money, you get half.

Let’s get to know each other and become business acquaintances / partners / best friends / conjoined twins. Read here for more details.

I promise to update the layout and design soon because I will be making more and more NFTs.